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I’m WOKE to the OKIE-DOKE!

I Can’t Do It All. I Failed at it. I no longer want to.

I am shedding the shame associated with this well-earned F+.

DO NOT press snooze on this. Some things suffer in the stretchedthindedness ( I made that up) of it all - 👀Work, Family, Marriage, Friendships, Choices, Decisions....I Suffer!

When I try to manage more, I wind up with less. Less time. Less Health. Less Sanity. Less Peace. Less Creativity. Less Focus. Less love. Less Connection. Less Real Relationship. Less Quality. Less Freedom. Less LIFE. LESS ME.

To hell with Peter and Paul... I’m Phillis Cherie $*^\! ( I need Dave Chappell to say that for me🤣... that is a cultural reference - hope you get it🤣!✊🏽)

Dangle all the carrots you want... I’m on radishes now! I can’t get it all. I can’t keep it all. I CAN’T do it all.

BUT I CAN WRITE THO’! I absolutely love it. Let me do that!

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