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She Gettin' It, Ain't She?

One day I said “Mirror mirror on the wall” to my own reflection and it looked just like this GIF. A voice from heaven said “This is your life?” ( with a question mark not an exclamation point!)

So I ask you, is this your life?

What do you see in this GIF? (it sometimes is more comfortable to look at things than to look at self)

Are you out here gettin’ it while you down your deck? Are folks standing by watching you - to approve or critique? Are you just trying to survive and get through the day under the weight of their presence? Are you giving too many cards to people who already got em... and don’t even want em? Can you even deal yourself in ...or is it against the rules? Are you there (do you keep returning) watching someone else walk away a winner while you walk away with a wage?

There is a line in the book Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom that stung with familiarity: “Instead, I buried myself in accomplishments, because with accomplishments I believed I could control things. I could squeeze in every last piece of happiness before I got sick and died”.

Sometimes we do too much - hoping to get to happy. Sometimes we are so afraid of dying that we GET GOT by our doing long before our time has come.

What promise have you made for Later?

When I have time, money, space, retire, can breathe ...then I will WRITE. Writing was always my fill in the blank for later. What is yours?


Pick up your deck and go play solitaire if you have to, until you build up the strength to come back to the table and DEAL YOURSELF A HAND! Ain’t a damn thing wrong with that.

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