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The Art of War

So let us talk about War...

Don’t let this armour fool you. I am a writer not a fighter. I learned that when I was bleeding🤣. I had to learn to put on this Whole Armour of God so HE can fight for me .....and I can get busy with the walk away!

I am not perfect. I am shedding the guilt associated with that. Truth is, I am a bit of a prodigal daughter. When I find myself in the midst of a spontaneous storm or a tailspin created by my perfectly imperfect and flawed actions or inactions....I get straight punk with it. I take it straight to Jesus and pray without ceasing that he will work it out! I can not operate in my own ability.

When the category that you select could mean the difference between your life and death, you must choose carefully and differently! You gotta suit up when you are in Jeopardy!

Double Jeopardy Question: What is the most dangerous war ever waged?

The answer: ‘Spiritual Warfare’ for the win, Alex.

No ordinary day, no typical war, it’s not business as usual. Spiritual warfare is something different. The tug of war (with yourself and others) only ends when you drop the rope. Only then can you see the promise of the whole playground. You better know that and suit up for the EXODUS.

Bring all your brokenness and place it in a pile that is in alignment with God and, as my friend Vikki would say, “Agree with God Quickly”. Move, by grace, with grace, humility, compassion, forgiveness, and a desire and commitment to reframe and rebuild so you won’t have to fight this particular battle ever again.

I remember who I am and who I desire to be, I remember what I love to do. I forgive myself for the worst parts and remember the best parts of me....and I keep moving. I can and do write for pleasure. I can and do write for enjoyment. I learned that I can write my way out of the darkest spaces and into a better understanding of my whole entire being. I write my way towards higher ground, healing, emotional balance, and peace.

Wakanda Writing Forever!

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