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What Turbulence Taught Me.

Everybody knows I LOVE traveling. But the older I get, the longer I live, I notice ALL the turbulence....and I DON'T LIKE IT. To be me, to do what I love, to have the experiences I want to have, to get where I want to go and then home to myself, to simply BE, I must endure the turbulence. I pray my way through the skies and fluffy clouds that could do me in at any moment.

Some would say that is exactly why they don't fly.

Fine, stay grounded.

To the others like me who don't want to be stuck;

You have got to move, ease around seen and unseen obstacles, maneuver through landmines avoiding air pockets, potholes and sinkholes. You must exercise caution at intersections and pay attention to sirens and flashing lights. You most stop, refuel, catch your breath, sometimes reverse, idle, shift, deplane, reborn, pack, unpack, repack, and move again. If you don't, you risk paralysis and atrophy of your soul.

Buckle up buttercup, turbulence comes at every altitude.

It is unavoidable - a flare sent to remind us to recognize, appreciate, fight for, and savor every morsel of peace when we find it. Sometimes the turbulence, with its moans, shakes, rattles, and rolls, just calls our attention to the insanity of our choices. (Like really, did we just jump into a metal can full of germs that barrels through the sky with its seldom-used brakes?)

The universe - if we survive our choices and the turbulence, gives us the opportunity to choose again. It dares us to choose living one more time.

That's it. That is Life. That is the Journey.

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