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There is and will always be someone heading in the direction we are heading, en route to where we have already been, or coming from our (un)planned destination. Itʼs not just our labyrinth through which to work, our hill to climb, or our mountain to move – the journey belongs to us all.

With any luck we will wake up and stay awake for the important parts:

  • Recognition of where we are

  • Understanding where we have been and with whom

  • Intentionally and deliberately defining where we are going.

Journey to Me is for any person trying to make sense of the byways and

crossroads of life. It is an act of radical self-love and critical self-reflection to gain

insight, answers, and a sense of balance.

Phillis Cherie practices the art of letting go and leaning in to what the universe holds

Phillis Cherie practices the art of letting go and leaning in to what the universe holds

- The pleasure, the passion, the grief, the loss, the purpose, the change and the lessons that shape who we are at our very core.

Journey to Me is the ultimate example of the power of using your voice and telling your story in order to liberate and heal. In Journey to Me, Phillis Cherie poetically flexes on the secrets in our lives, the voices in our heads, and the unaddressed emotions of

our hearts that have power to enslave - doubt, fear, shame, abandonment, and betrayal. She defiantly amplifies and nurtures those things that will make our journey worthwhile - hope, faith, grace, reciprocity, and a promise to love.


We all have a journey and we get to choose our own paths. This collection is an urgent reminder that we must seize our right to define our paths instead of letting those paths define


It is a battle cry

It is art.


It is free therapy for the writer and reader alike.


Savor the Journey

To you...and beyond!


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